Poki Bowl the New Burrito Bowl?

Poki bowls have become the newest craze among seafood lovers.  It’s a twist on the popular burrito bowls but this time adding seafood and other ingredients that you’d typically see in sushi.  The types of added toppings you can mix in your bowl along with your poki of choice, which is raw fish create the perfect combination for your tastebuds.

The place called “Poki Bowl” allows customers to customize their bowl starting with their base of sushi rice, brown rice, chips, mixed greens, or half/half.  The next main part is their poki mix spicy tuna, salmon, ahi tuna, yellow tail, octopus, or shrimp cucumber and/or onion with either 3 scoops or four scoops.  There is also an assortment of toppings to add to the bowl that customers can add in.

The price for this bowl comes to around $10 which is a steal considering it is a good portion for seafood that can already be pricey on its own.  Definitely worth a try if you’re a seafood lover.




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