Soup All Day

Berkeley, California is home to one of the most well known UC’s in California, but it is also home to a delicious soup shop right by the campus.  The small soup shop “San Francisco Soup Company,” offers customers numerous options of soups to choose from.  Along with the soups customers are able to add on toppings to mix in as well as a slice of bread or a roll to pair with their soup of choice.  If you’re not too into soup they also have a selection of sandwiches and salads to choose from or you can get them to enjoy on the side with your soup.

The soup that I decided to recently try was the chicken tortilla soup, I also added in some onions, cheese, and tortilla chips as well as a slice of their rustic bread.  This soup had just the right amount of spice to it to not over power the creamy taste from the cheese.  The soups are stored in separate warming pots for employees to serve up when ordered keeping them warm and fresh all day.  The soup I got ended up keeping me full all day and came to a low cost of $6.  Great for a cold day or just to enjoy as a quick meal.



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