Cake in a Jar?

Mo’s restaurant is known as being a breakfast and burger joint, but also offers a wide variety of other meal choices, as well as their delicious desserts.  The dessert that I tried was called the Texas Sheet Cake, on of their best and most unique, it was recommended to us by our waitress.  She said she was never a fan of cake but this one sparked her interest and she’s had it ever since and always recommends it to customers.

In this dish it’s a slice of chocolate cake topped with a raspberry sauce, pecans, a homemade whipped cream and a sweet custard at the bottom.  The flavors blended so well together and made the dessert sweet enough without having it be the only taste.  The thing that stood out to me the most was the way it was served, they put it in a mason jar instead of on top of a plate.  At this restaurant many of their things are presented in mason jars, but a dessert was a surprise to me but they managed to make its presentation look very appealing.

I feel like by putting it in a jar it was able to let all the toppings really soak into the slice of cake without having them escape to the edges of a plate.  If you ever make your way over to Mo’s I highly recommend trying the Texas Sheet Cake even if you aren’t a dessert person because it may change your mind.



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