Home of the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich

Philly cheesesteak sandwiches have been adopted by many restaurants across the country with their own twist on them, but nothing beats having an original one from Philadelphia. Two of the top places to get an authentic Philly cheesesteak are placed right across from each other to compete with one another, but both have continuous long lines throughout the day.  The two Philly hotspots are “Pat’s King of Steaks” operating since 1930  being the original cheesesteak spot, but then got its competitor in 1966 “Geno’s Steaks” right across the street.

The sandwiches are served on french bread and are mostly basic unless you choose to add other toppings to it.  The one I got was an original philly cheesesteak with the steak meat, mushrooms, and topped off with their melted cheese.  The taste is definitely no where near what other restaurants imitate because you can taste the difference in their cheese blend and how tender the steak meat it by how thinly it is sliced.

I went to “Pat’s King of Steaks” because I wanted to try the most original spot even though there was a long line it moved by very quickly, but the line continued to grow.  The experience of ordering was definitely different since they were in such a rush there was no time to decide at the window it was the type of place where you need to know what you want before you get to the window.  I highly suggest going to either Philly cheesesteak spot to try the difference in what a true sandwich taste like, because nothing can compare to its unique taste.



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