Cake Boss Shop

When I went on vacation to the East Coast during the summer one of the places that was on the top of my list to see was Carlo’s Bakery from the show Cake Boss.  As a huge fan of the show I was dying to try some of their famous pastries to see if they lived up to the expectation.  We went to their main bakery the biggest one they have in the New Jersey Area in Hoboken.

When I went in the shop had many people who ordered from the wide selection of pastries  displayed in the front.  The items we decided to try were their mini strawberry cheesecakes, a mini chocolate cake and of course some of their cannolis.  My mom normally isn’t a fan of cheesecake but this one definitely won her over because it was just the right amount of sweet it tasted like a true New York style cheesecake.  The mini chocolate cake had a mousse type taste to it once you cut into the inside and was coated with a chocolate frosting topped with chocolate shavings to give it a nice smooth taste.  Their cannolis definitely lived up to my expectation they were some of the best I’ve ever had.  The creamy filling was just sweet enough and the shell was baked to the perfectly crisp.

If you ever find yourself on the east coast try one of Carlo’s bake shops at any of their locations because at a great low price you can’t beat the taste and experience.



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