Rolled Up Ice Cream

One of the hottest new trends catching the eye of many is rolled up ice cream.  It’s the Thai style version of ice cream where they literally roll the ice cream on a cold pan after creating a mixture of flavors.

They first begin with using a liquid milk base flavor and pour it on the cold pan, then move onto adding other ingredients depending on the type of flavor you choose.  Once this is done they begin mixing it and laying it smoothly on the pan until it is thick enough to scrap and form rolls.  The place I first tried this style of ice cream was at a shop in Chinatown in New York called 10 Below.  The line for it was ridiculous resulting in us waiting for two hours but it was definitely worth the wait to experience the show and the great taste.

This type of ice cream is softer but to me tastes more pure and you can taste each ingredient mixed in it that helps create an overall amazing flavor.  I also enjoyed that they let customers have unlimited toppings with no additional charge to help add to the taste of the ice cream.  I highly recommend going to your nearest ice cream shop that serves it rolled up not only for its amazing fast, but also for the experience to see the show on how it’s made.


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