The Hangover Cure

Mo’s specializes in its hand crafted gourmet burgers with unique blends.  The most popular time to go here is around breakfast and brunch time so of course they get people coming in after a night out of partying.

But, they have the perfect solution to cure their customers’ hangovers in no time with their signature hangover burger.  The hangover burger is loaded with different toppings to help you soak up all the alcohol from the night before.  It consists of a thick meat patty with cheddar cheese, bacon, chorizo, and  topped off with a sunny side up egg.  The flavors blend well together making it the perfect breakfast or brunch style burger.  With the sunny side up egg the yolk runs perfectly into the other contents absorbing each flavor.

However it is definitely the type of burger you need to eat with a fork and knife because it gets pretty messy especially with the egg yolk.  When I tried this burger I was full the whole entire day, but it was definitely satisfying and the flavors all blended well but still stood out so you could taste each individual flavor of each content.



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