San Jose French Patisserie

Cocola offers affordable luxury French inspired pastries as well as cafe type drinks.  Their biggest goal was to bring a high-end patisserie with affordable prices to San Jose to give them a French cafe experience without the expensive cost of traveling to Paris.

They feature an assortment of pastries, as well as sandwiches, salads, homemade soups, and other small plates.  It is also offers a variety of specialty espresso drinks along with other non caffeinated drinks to enjoy with their food.

This past time when I went I got a chai latte along with pastries to share.  Their chai latte had just enough of the cinnamon chai taste but mixed with the right amount of milk to make it have a creamy taste too.

The pastries I got to share were the tiramisu and the coconut mousse.  Their tiramisu was a “genoise in espresso and marsala, lady finger, tiramisu cream, and mascarpone cheese,” the flavors were so rich but blended together perfectly to create a savory taste.  The coconut mousse contained a milk chocolate mousse, coconut mousse, genoise and a chocolate sponge cake.  The flavors for this were very unique as well as they had a different texture but nonetheless had a delicious taste that was very satisfying.

Cocola is the perfect place to enjoy a French inspired cafe without the expensive cost and is the perfect dessert place to enjoy with family and friends.  Getting four large drinks and two luxurious pastries came out to $26 and a exquisite experience and taste.



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