The Bay Area’s #1 Mac and Cheese

Homeroom is home to the Bay Area’s #1 mac and cheese restaurant.  Located in Oakland, California this restaurant specializes in various mac and cheeses to satisfy any craving.  The restaurant offers many choices of their special mac and cheeses paired with toppings, as well as plain mac and cheese where you have the options to select which toppings to add in.

All their mac and cheese dishes are baked and prepared with a blend of cheeses and toppings to create the perfect savory taste.  When I went here I got the “smoky bacon mac,” which is a combination of  rich and bold smoked cheddar, jack cheese, and bacon.  On mine I also added their baked breadcrumbs on top to give it an extra crunch.  I highly recommend to add the baked breadcrumbs to any mac and cheese bowl to give it extra flavor.  I also ordered their bacon sprouts appetizer.  This dish features roasted brussel sprouts topped with apple cider vinaigrette and bacon.  Even if you’re not a huge fan of brussel sprouts the flavors combined with it gives the dish a flavor many can will enjoy.

I highly suggest going to Homeroom if you’re ever in the Bay Area to enjoy their savory mac and cheese dishes.  Each dish is under $13 and will fill you up, and most likely give you leftovers because of their rich filling flavors.




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