The Ultimate Energizer

The perfect way to wake up and get energized or reenergized for the day is to have the perfect blend of fruits.  “Power Bowl” in downtown San Jose gives customers the ultimate energizer bowl with their acai fruit blend and choices of toppings.

They start off with their base, which is a blend of fruits their original contains acai, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and mangos.  This is blended in a blender to create a thick smoothie type texture.  Next you get to choose what you would like to top it off with various types of granola and either honey or agave to drizzle on.  They also have a selection of fresh fruits as well as coconut shavings, and a variety of nuts to top off.  But with these toppings they have an extra charge for each added.

I ordered the small size of the original blend and topped it off with vanilla almond granola and honey.  I also chose to add on their extra toppings of fruits and coconut shavings since I was using this as my brunch.  The fruits I had were strawberries, pineapples, and bananas along with the coconut shavings.

I wasn’t pleasantly surprised that this bowl filled me up for the whole day and I wasn’t hungry until the evening.  I highly recommend giving this place a shot to energize yourself.  A small bowl with the basic toppings at no cost came up to less than $5, and is the perfect size to fill you up for the day.






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