Authentic Italian Food To Go

If you’re craving real Italian food and you have little time to wait around or cook it yourself, “Bertucelli’s La Villa” is the perfect spot.  Located in Willow Glen of San Jose, California makes it convenient to get your Italian fix quickly.

This is more of a deli type of shop rather than a restaurant but nonetheless they offer a variety of foods to choose from.  Some cold type foods and others are served hot or heated up, but all are ready to go when selected.  The deli also has a store section with unique ingredients for you to make yourself at home.  The ingredients they have are different from the normal Italian foods you’d find in your local grocery store.

They are most well known for their homemade raviolis paired with their tomato sauce blend.  When I went I got their meat and spinach ravioli, stuffed zucchini, stuffed shells, La Villa’s Arnancini eggplant, and the cheese and spinach cannelloni.  Each dish was topped with their homemade marinara sauce as well as parmesan cheese.  At the first bite I could taste the difference from this compared to restaurant Italian food.  La Villa’s food tasted more homemade and authentic with their flavors and textures.

The price of their food is reasonably inexpensive depending on the quantity you order.  This deli is the perfect place to stop in quick to get a various selection of Italian foods to satisfy your craving at a low price.




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