Minty Coffee

One of San Jose State University’s most popular coffee shops features unique drinks to wake students and local workers up and keep them going throughout the day.  “Philz Coffee” handcrafts their drinks and have caught the tastebuds of many frequent customers with its taste and its capability of keeping people energized and awake.

Philz Coffee is based in San Francisco but has expanded to 36 locations in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. areas.  Their goal is to give customers a personalized drink so it is perfected to the way they like it.

My favorite order to get here is their ‘mint mojito iced coffee,’ it has the perfect blend of flavors I would have never thought of to be blended together.  It’s one of their specialty coffee choices and is a blend of their iced coffee with a fresh mint taste to it.  It also is typically served sweet and creamy to balance out the taste, and crushed mint leaves on the bottom, and topped with mint leaves.  This drink always does the job for me and with having a handcrafted drink just the way I like a cup under $5 keeps bringing me back.


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