Go to Sandwich Spot

My favorite go to sandwich and bakery spot has got to be the restaurant food chain “Panera.”  They have so many choices to choose from and are always adding something new to try on their menu.

Panera restaurants have expanded throughout the country and continue to grow as well as their menu.  a newer feature they have included is their special of ‘you pick two.”  This allows you to get the best of both worlds by choosing two of your favorite menu items.  I’m always indecisive of what I want to try and I love trying multiple things so this was the perfect option for me.

I’m a big fan of their mac and cheese because it is the perfect white cheddar and creamy bowl of noodles to indulge in, so of course this was my top pick.  The noodles they use for this are shell pasta, which in my opinion captures the sauce flavor the best.  It’s a blend of rich cheeses including their tangy Vermont white cheddar cheese sauce to add the perfect amount of creaminess.

My second pick I opted for was a half size of their Italian sandwich.  This included smoked, lean ham, Chianti wine salami, spicy sopressa and provolone cheese with spicy glardiniera, basil mayo, and fresh arugula on a Hoagie Roll.  All of these toppings gave the sandwich a fresh and savory taste, and was especially good when dipped into the mac and cheese.

All of this came out to under $10 and filled me up perfectly without feeling overly bloated.  Check out your local Panera and find your perfect combination of items.




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