King of Thai

Authentic Thai food can be found all over, but the trick is finding the one at a great price and with a great taste, “King of Thai” in San Francisco, California has both!  With various locations in the San Francisco area you’re sure to bump into one to try out some items from their wide variety of dishes.

I’m a huge fan of Thai food and on a cold San Francisco day it was the perfect place to escape from the cold and warm up with some of their spices.  I shared a few items with a friend to try out a few things.  We had one of their soups, a pad thai, and a meat dish.

The soup we tried was called ‘Tom Kha Gai,” and combined a variety of spices and ingredients.  It was a Thai style sour soup with sliced chicken, coconut milk, mushrooms, white onions, glangal, and lemongrass.  The flavors all mixed perfectly together, I’m not a huge fan of spicy food mainly for the fact that I can’t handle it so adding in the coconut milk and lemongrass helped to make it mild but still gave it a little bit of a kick.  This soup was served in a big size bowl which was more than enough to split between two people and only came out to be $6.50.

We of course had to get a plate of their Pad Thai as well.  Theirs included a stir fried small rice noodle, shrimp, cooked egg, ground peanuts, tofu, and bean sprouts with red paprika powder and lime juice.  Pad Thai is one of my favorite things to have and every restaurant prepares theirs differently and gives you a different taste.  This one was exceptionally cooked and it was nice to see their kitchen out in the open on how they prepared it.  This also came to a low cost of $6.50 and the quantity size gave us enough to take home.

The meat dish we had was their version of cashew chicken, and with their it gave more flavor than the overpowering cashew taste that many dishes seem to present.  This included pieces of chicken mixed with cashews, their sauce, a mixture of various bell peppers and onions.  What made this dish nice as well is that they included steamed white rice with it without the additional cost at most places.

King of Thai definitely lived up to its name and gained another loyal customer.  If you ever find yourself in the San Francisco area look around to see if you bump into a restaurant and indulge in their flavorful and affordable dishes.




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