L.A. Halal

Halal has grown to become more popular and has expanded throughout the United States and creating their own restaurants with their specialties.  Zankou first originated and opened a restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon and then a few years later expanded to Los Angeles, California.  It attracted many with its great tasting food at an affordable price.

Zankou prides themselves on their 100% natural foods that are prepared fresh daily.  Their ingredients are prepared and made daily only using fresh foods and avoiding any cans, freezers, microwave ovens, preservatives, and artificial ingredients.  The most common plate they have are their halal meat plates.

When I visited one of their locations in L.A. I got a combination of their try-tip shawerma and their chicken tarn.  The plate was also served with pickled beats and other vegetables, their sauce, hummus, and pita bread.  All of their flavors stood out individually but also blended very well together.  And one thing with having halal meat is that you’re guaranteed to have tender and flavorful meat.

Their serving sizes are very generous giving you the most for your money’s worth and leaving you extra to enjoy for later.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that my total for the amount of food I received was under $10.  If you ever happen to be in the L.A. area Zankou is definitely a place to try!





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