Some of the best Greek food in town with a friendly atmosphere is “Opa!”  Its sit down restaurant style gives family and friends the perfect social gathering spot to enjoy a wide selection of delicious Greek food.

My first experience trying “Opa!” out was for my younger sister’s birthday and it did not disappoint.  We each order something different off the menu and had a beautiful and unique presentation of our food.

As an appetizer we got their Saganaki also known as their flaming cheese, which was served table side and literally on fire.  It was grilled Kasseri cheese served flaming on a flat iron skillet, along with warm pita bread to dip in it.  The type of cheese had a savory flavor to it, but the best part about this was its presentation and literally seeing it on fire.

For my main dish I got their lamb pita, which was served along with their wild rice pilaf.  Everything was cooked to perfection and they loaded their pita up with lamb, tomatoes, onions, mint, and tzatziki sauce.  The flavors all stood out so well to create one of the best pitas I’ve had.  My sister got their Greek burger, which was very juicy from their ground beef and lamb patty.  But, what stood out to me the most from her dish was the fries they served along with the burger.  Their fries were normal potato fries but to top them off they added crumbled feta cheese to them to give them and extra flavor, so ketchup was unnecessary.

And to finish off our meal we got their Baklava.  This included layers of phyllo dough, walnuts, cinnamon, sugar, and Greek honey.  All these flavors combined created a savory delicate dessert that we will always make room for after a big meal.

If you like Greek food “Opa!” has a wide selection of foods to try as well as a beautiful presentation of their foods.  For a sit down restaurant all their prices were pleasantly very affordable especially considering the amount of food and the great taste with it.



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