Perfect Mall Food

Whenever I go to the mall I always have a big craving for any type of Asian style food.  Sarku Japan satisfies my craving every time with their most popular plate that is made right in front of you after you order it.

Their main dish they offer is the teriyaki chicken with rice that is normally their special of the day and under $7.  I always get this plate but instead substitute the rice for their noodles.

The teriyaki chicken is made tenderly along with their sauce they grill it right in front of you after you have ordered it.  I also got hooked on this item because in the food court they always hand out samples of the chicken so I had to give it a try.  Their noodles are wide and also prepared on the grill and combine perfectly with the chicken.  The dish is also topped off with steamed vegetables to mix in.

If you ever find yourself with an Asian style food craving stop by Sarku Japan to help satisfy it.  Aside from their affordable price for a teriyaki chicken plate they also features many other dishes and sides to try out.


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