Pizza Toppings Galore

Mod pizza specializes in individual style pizzas with toppings of your choice served in minutes.  However they do also offer their own topping pizzas to choose from as well.  If you choose to go the unlimited topping route you have an endless choice of which toppings you’d like to add to your pizza.

When I went I decided to go the unlimited topping route with choosing just about every topping offered.  Aside from various toppings they also have choices of different sauces, seasonings, and drizzles to add on.  My sister on the other hand decided to go with their style of hawaiian pizza, which also included a BBQ sauce drizzle to finish it off.  You first start with the sauces, seasonings, and type of cheese.  Once you have completed that you choose which ever toppings look most appealing to you.  After that it is put into the oven for a short amount of time, and to finish it off you can add on your choice of a drizzle or dry topping.

All of these pizzas come to a cost under $10, to fill you up with your choice of everything.  It’s quick and easy and satisfying for everyone.  With so many locations throughout San Jose it’s easy to pop into one if you’re in the mood for a great pizza made your way.



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