The Infamous Aqui Swirls

A Silicon Valley favorite restaurant for many ages is “Aqui Cal-Mex,” shortened by many as “Aquis” hold the favorite drink by many.  This restaurant has drawn in not only an older crowd by its great food but also a younger crowd from its specialty drinks called “swirls.”

They offer a wide selection of fresh Mexican food, many of their dishes have more of an American Mexican style taste to them, and isn’t known for being authentic Mexican food.  But their food is served fresh daily and is more of a healthier route for customers to indulge in.  Aside from their food their specialty swirl drinks have attracted many as a great pre-game spot before going out, or just a great social gathering spot with friends.

I’ve tried numerous items from their menu, but the one I tried recently stood out to me because it was a mix of Thai and Mexican food.  I got the ‘Thai Chicken Burrito,”  along with their mango organic greens salad and served in a wheat tortilla.  The burrito included grilled chicken breast with Thai peanut sauce, citrus carrots, green rice, organic spinach, and mango dressing wrapped in a wheat tortilla.  This dish gave the Thai taste but in a Mexican style burrito that I would have never guessed to pair together, but together they tasted wonderful.

And of course I couldn’t leave without having one of their famous swirls.  I had their ‘sunrise swirl,” which is a combination of many alcohols but is hidden by the other flavors mixed in.  It includes their sangria and paradise patron swirled with their blended industrial strength margarita.  These have attracted many individuals going out for a good time with friends and since these drinks are so strong there is a 2 drink limit from the restaurant.

If you’re looking for a great hang out spot with friends or a place to pre-game before heading out to the bars try Aquis for great food and drinks.  Their affordable prices attract many and keep their customers coming back for more!


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